Interactive Corporation — Японская торговая компания, основанная в 1993 году, поставляет высокотехнологичное научное и промышленное оборудование ведущих японских, европейских и американских производителей.

Interactive Corporation — Авторизованный торговый агент компаний:
JEOL Ltd., Oxford Instruments, Gatan, Rigaku, Nikon Instech, Yamazaki Mazak.
Authorized Agent of JEOL Ltd. in Russia and CIS Countries

TEX - the new capturing & analysis package for microscopy

TEX - the new capturing & analysis package for microscopy

TEX is an innovative software solution allowing the capturing of images from an optical microscope. 2D feature and dimensional analysis including advanced automatic measurement refinement is also provided in all modules. Basic 3D viewing and profile analysis even over larger areas are available in advanced packages.
Real time capturing of full depth of focus images is a feature of all versions of TEX. Full depth of focus images can be viewed and saved.This uniquely removes the limitations of conventional products caused by the small depth of focus with normal microscope objectives.

Real-time capturing of full depth of focus images
2D image analysis including automatic measurement capabilities
Easy to use, easy to install
Graphical database system
Advanced viewing capabilities
Basic 3D visualisation including height measurement in advanced packages
Capturing and viewing of complicated specimen as a full depth of focus image
Quality assurance in all areas of manufacture and control
Nanoscience and biological applications where a full depth of focus image will enhance the result
Measurements of dimensions on critical parts

TEX Basic
Image capture with 2D image analysis plus full depth of focus viewing.

Functionalities of TEX Basic plus capturing 3D images using a controllable motorised Z-stage on the microscope.Basic analysis of profile, area and volume.

TEX 3D Professional
Functionalities of TEX 3D plus capturing 3D images over a larger area using a controlled X,Y-stage.

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